An Energy-Chek Assessment from Safe@Home Inspections reviews the critical features of your home's systems from your insulation levels to furnace efficiency, all the way down to details like Energy Star appliances and lighting.

The goal? To help you identify the most efficeint means of reducing your energy usage and save money in the process. Whether you are addressing a problem in the home that you already own or want more information on a home you are purchasing, I can recommend actions that will make a difference in your usage.

The Energy-Chek Assessment includes:

  • Heating and Cooling system evaluations
  • Water Heating evaluation
  • Insulation Evaluation
  • Infrared Scanning
  • Appliance and Lighting Assessments
  • Assessment of Windows and Doors

Once complete, I will build a list of recommended improvements. These may be as simple as swapping light bulbs to as complex as performing duct-sealing on the heating system. Obviously, the best solutions will include a range of different types of improvements.

Please note: I am an Inspector, not a contractor. Under Washington State law, I may not repair items that I have inspected. While many of the projects are definitely within the capabilities of a home-owner, those that are beyond your skills will require the use of skilled and licensed contractors.

Also, no blower door testing will be performed. If you would like to have a full Energy Audit with blower door testing, please contact me and I will provide you with recommendations. Most companies providing such services also provide repairs.