Commercial Inspections

Pipe Organs, from the inside

I can add to my list of firsts. Today, the inspection was at a church in Moscow and they had a pipe organ, so I had a chance to crawl around on the interior. Very neat to see the different structures that they use to create the sounds. Also, the wiring is impressive as heck.

Nobody ever said this job was boring!

Each one of those represents a different circuit to activate the pipes. Wickedly complex.

The mid-sized pipes. Look like they're out of a Disney movie.

The tops of the largest pipes were twelve feet over my head.

Some days, I don't inspect houses. . .

And now, for something totally different. A restaurant. They're always interesting. Sometimes, though, you see stuff and you scratch the joint from the "favorite eateries" list. Don't think that will happen today. Just a note - there are no state standards for commercial inspections. When Washington passed the Home Inspector Licensing law and the regulations wee written, the limit was set at  4-unit buildings to comprise residential construction.

Commercial inspections usually follow ASTM standards but can be modified by any of the parties to include more or less information. As an example, I do ADA (American with Disabilities Act) surveys to help businesses stay in compliance with federal law. The ASTM standard specifically excludes this type of work but nothing prevents me from performing it - or charging for it. It's an extra fee.