Hire the Skinny Inspector

This is a part of an on-going joke about why you hire the skinny inspector. Today's inspection had me practicing my Houdini routine to get into a crawlspace that the current owner didn't even know was there. I'm guessing her inspector, if he's still around, is due a phone call. Anyway, here's the picture. It was actually pretty darn tight, especially trying to get Chandler (69)back out. Many thanks to my client for snapping the pic - super-nice folks and a grand old house.

Obviously, one of the recommendations that I'll make is to increase the size of the access. They actually have plenty of room to do so but nobody ever bothered. If nothing else, it will make it easier to add the vapor barrier and insulation that are missing.

In the meantime, it's a win for a skinny inspector-me!

Hope you had as much fun working today as I did.