In my business, there are sometimes realizations that surprise me. Others are quite logical. One such, for me as an inspector, involves the customers attending inspections. For a dozen years as an inspector, I have invited my customers to attend the entire inspection.

Over the last two years, and especially with the change to new software, I’m finding it difficult to accurately get everything I observed into the report when the clients are with me the whole time. Since my highest priority is to deliver the best inspection and report I can, I am changing my long-standing policy of inviting the client to attend the entire inspection. 

Instead, I am going to ask you to join me an hour before the end of the inspection. To ensure that you have sufficient time in the home, I have extended the amount of time that I budget for each inspection. In some more complicated homes, the report-writing may not be completed on-site but will be done on that same evening should that be the case.

I thank you for your consideration as I make this change in policy.