Re-Inspection Policy for Home Buyers

Please note: Although typically referred to as a re-inspection, a re-inspection is really an inspection of completed repairs. For an inspection of completed repairs, the following policy will apply:

The fee for a re-inspection is $100.00 per hour with a one hour minimum. Scheduling will be done at a time convenient to all parties, provided sufficient (7 days or more) notice is given. Safe@Home Inspections must be provided with a copy of the agreed-to repairs 48 hours prior to the re-inspection so I know exactly what the agreed upon repairs are. All work should have been completed by licensed and qualified contractors and their receipts will be provided to the inspector prior to the re-inspection.

Important Note: while I can determine if work has been completed when it is visible, I cannot guarantee that all the work was done in a competent manner if the repair, or a portion of the repair, is hidden behind personal possessions, finished materials, or equipment cabinets. For this reason, I suggest obtaining copies of any repair contracts, warranties, or guarantees from the service provider making the repairs. Safe@Home Inspections position is that the contractor did the work, so they are responsible for it.

A "Pass" comment does not supersede the obligation of the contractor or tradesperson to stand by their work. Full responsibility to any and all repairs reside with the person who completed them.

Safe@Home Inspections will provide a brief re-inspection report that will list the items inspected. The report will be in a Pass/Fail format. Any that issues that in my opinion are not repaired or corrected properly will be identified. Should an item be listed as “Fail” for the re-inspection, a reason will be given. The three reasons are: repairs are incomplete; repairs do not meet generally-accepted industry standards; the repair was clearly not completed in a workmanlike manner.