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I don't use slogans - I deliver on promises to serve you.

By securing the most accurate and best explained inspection in four counties, you get the information you need for your transaction. 

I am a single inspector firm, committed to quality, and I have served more than 5,000 clients in the last fourteen years, squeezing into crawlspaces, climbing into attics, and walking on roofs to get them answers. I've spent many hours with clients to help them understand the condition of the property they hope to purchase.

Let me do the same for you.


Find out how I make your inspection work for you and what makes me so different from all the others.

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Proudly offering professional home inspection services in the Lewis-Clark Valley (Lewiston, Clarkson, and Asotin) and the Palouse (Moscow and Pullman.) Licensed (WA Lic#215) and Insured.