Single Family Homes

Home Inspection Pricing (Up to 3000 sf)

  • $350.00

For larger homes, please add $25 per 250 additional Square feet over 3000 sf.


  • Free for Pre-Listing/Seller's Inspections
  • $100 per hour, 1 hour minimum

Specialty Services Pricing

  • Energy-Chek - $235.00 (includes Infrared Scanning)
  • Full Infrared Scanning - $125.00 (Only done with home inspection.)
  • Outbuildings - $75.00 (Does not apply to detached garages.)
  • Outbuildings with Habitable Space - $175.00
  • Radon Testing - $125.00 with home inspections
  • Radon Testing - $155.00 without a home inspection
  • Mold Testing - $300.00 minimum for three air/contact samples. Includes lab fees. $50.00 for each additional sample.

Additional Travel Fees May Apply for More Remote Locations

Commercial inspections

Each commercial building is different, so I am not able to post a price. Please contact me directly for pricing. When you do, please have the current building use (retail, office, medical, warehouse, apartment building), location, the approximate size of the building, and the approximate age. Once I have that information, I will develop a commercial inspection bid and submit it to you. All commercial inspections are done to ASTM E-2018-15 standards. 


Up to 1000 Square Feet - $275.00 Above 1000 Square Feet - $300.00

Inspections do NOT include inspection of the common areas maintained by the Home Owners' Association. All Condo/Townhouse owners own the inside of the structure only. I cannot access the roof of condominiums and therefore we cannot inspect equipment on the roof, the roof, exterior, or other components that are owned by the Home Owners’ Association.


Duplex pricing is for both sides of a Duplex. If you are buying just one side, please use the Condominium pricing.

  • Total Square footage of both units from 0000- 2500 - $395.00
  • Total Square footage of both units from 2501- 3500 - $425.00


Inspections for structures containing 3 or more units are quoted based on the particulars of the property. This includes an inspection of the exterior, common areas, etc.